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At Meritum we take our service and the safety of our customers very seriously. Our good practice is underpinned by detailed policies and procedure.

Privacy Policy

Medication Policy

Medication Procedures

Medication Factsheets

Meritum offers help and assisstance to the service user in all aspects of care. In all cases these services are controlled through detailed Policies/Procedures which may be consulted in Meritum's Policy Manual.

Below is an example of some of our policies for :-



Meritum recognises and appreciates the vulnerabilty of its service users and of the need to ensure that their welfare and safety is protected. Meritum has therefore established the following Policies/Procedures to address specific aspects of safety and duty of care to the service user/customer.

Whistle-Blowing Policy

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Management of Service User's Keys, Door Entry Codes & Alarm Codes

Gaining Access to the Service User's/Customers Home in the event of Non-Response

Fires & Damage at the Service User's/Customers Home

Gas Leaks / Smell of Gas at the Service User's Home

Failure of the Electrical Power Supply at the Service User's/Customers Home

Attempted Break-Ins / Theft at the Service User's/Customers Home

Visits by Bogus Workers and Callers at the Service User's/Customers Home

Burst Pipes / Flooding at the Service User's/Customers Home

Accidents & Injuries to the Service User/Customers

Child Protection Policy - Principles & Management Abuse

Child Protection Policy - Internet & Social Networking Policy

Child Protection Policy - Allegations against a Staff Member

Missing Child

These are just some of the policies we use on a day to day basis.





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