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"Everyone of the carers are absolutely wonderful. Make a sometimes unpleasant procedure far more pleasant. Always smiling and caring."

I am very pleased with the service they give and are very kiind and helpful."

"I am extremely grateful (as is my family) for the excellent care I have been given. Without my carers it would be very difficult if not possible to live at home. Thank you."

"Carers are very helpful, polite and supportive."

"For the last few months the timings have been very good. The difficulties we had before have been put right."

"I think Nirmala my regular carer is sufficient in her job. I do not think I could have a better carer. All Nepalese carers are very nice, I have no complaints. Carry on regardless."

"We are very pleased with the help given us."

"Since Jayne has been coming very good excellent lady. Kat is also very good too. Very happy with Jayne and Kat."

"Arrives in a pleasant way and offers to make my first morning cup of tea. Very good."

"All are friendly. Nathan and Darren always go that extra mile and are always cheerful, extremely polite and always leave the bathroom tidy and put everything away."

"Sue is very friendly and helpful."

"The young men you employ are wonderfully sympathetic with care and empathy."

"If anyone was unsuitable we would complain."

"We don't want Michelle to leave as she is a nice, kind person and we would be lost without her."

"We feel lucky to have such caring people coming to us."

"Excellent carers I would give them 10 out of 10 they are professional workers."

"The office staff are so considerate and helpful they are absolutley wonderful."

"More than carers they are my friends."

"The carers stay longer when necessary."

"Radu and Vasile are very kind and helpful at all times and I would not like to change these carers."

"On the whole I am satisfied with the service. In particular I find Elaine and Camilla are most helpful."

"I find my carer is very kind and willing to do anything I ask of her."

"My carer is very good and caring."

"The change over was difficult but is now improving. Now I am satisfied but wasn't at first."

"Raga is very helpful and does a lot for me like washing my hair etc. she always washes my legs and makes me a cup of tea."

"Quite happy. Also appropiate you letting me know when usual carer cannot come."

"It is nice to have a regular carer who you can rely on. My husband loves his carer Steph who chats to him and sings whilst showering and dressing. She is also very kind and caring to me."

"The carers always have a smile and in the time they are here leaves us with a smile and hope. Tracy feels like a good friend. It felt strange to see Grant at first but what a wonderful fellow he is; we will never be able to thank him enough."

"The carer is positive and kind. Also wholesome and hygenic. I like her very much."

"All the carers are excellent."

"Yes she is very nice and caring towards me."

"Since having Camelia as my husbands carer we are very satisfied. She is very caring and happy person and makes our day when she comes in."

"I find Meritum is a good service."

"The carers are all very nice." 



"On occasion they have stayed over the allotted time. We are satisfied with Meritum and would not consider changing agencies."

"Very helpful and pleasant."

"All normally works well for me."

"The team of carers helping me are all very good at their job and the ones who come 3 days a week is exceptional."

"Very good and kind person."

"My carer drives me mad (only joking). They are lovely girls.very helpful to have someone to talk to as well, very polite."

"Michelle is always friendly and pleasant."

"My carers are always polite and very caring. I am very satisfied with the service they provide."

"The sevice provided for my husbands care is extremely good, I am so grateful for what is done. Thank you."

"Having someone in to help me wash and dress has made a big difference to me and I am very thankful."

"Keep up the good work. It is good to have good staff who come, it is nice to see them when they come."

 "The carers and office are very kind and helpful. Belinda in the office is very helpful and kind plus a lovely smile."

"All the carers we have are freindly, polite and do a great job. Most of our carers would stay over the allocated time if needed."


 "I am extremley satisfied with Sharon and would like Natasha to be a more permanent cover in Sharons abscence."

"Perfectly happy with the service provided."

"My husband appreciates the cheerfulness and caring ways of his regular carers but we also appreciate the others we have had when holidays have to be covered. Thank you all for your organisation and the efficient way it works."

"Extremely satisfied."

"Having a carer in each day has made a world of difference to my life."

"All the carers are friendly, cheerful and always treat me with respect and dignity."

"I am quite happy"

"Having the same carers helps my well-being."

"Sharon has always been helpful as has all the carers we have met. They are always polite and helpful."

"Everything is satisfactory."

"Mum only has one call a week for half an hour. She is happy she sees Michelle now regularly, she likes her and it is nice to have the same carer each time. We have only used your service since October 2015 but so far very satisfactory."


NHS Continuing Care

"My mum died a few days ago and the carers made her final weeks as dignified and pleasant as could be.I would especially like to thank Rachel, Chris, Sarah, Mel and Linda for their humour and kindness that they showed mum and myself. I will miss them.

Mrs-------------- and Mrs--------------,

I have added our names as I want the company to know how good the carers are. You don't often hear about good carers but yours are a credit to you. Thank you to all of you for the last few weeks.


"Carers very polite and helpful"

"You have the best workforce working for you"

"My carer is so friendly and cheerful"

"Lovely friendly staff"

"Hayley has made an enormous difference t the care my husband receives. I know he is left clean and fresh at the start of each day. As sh bustles upstairs he shouts. "Here comes the Comet!!"

"All carers listen to what I have requested."

"I have found the office staff very polite and patient with me. They are kind and respect my privacy."


"The service provided by my carers has been excellent. They are proffesional and kind."

"The staff have been very approachable , careing and helpful. Thank you."

"I am very pleased with the carers they are very kind and very friendly. I am therefore satisfied. Thank you."

"Have no complaints all my carers are excellent."

"Excellent. Do not interfere. If it ain't broke then don't fix it."


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