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Dementia Care

Care and support for people suffering with forms of dementia can be difficult, creating stress and anxiety for all those involved. Our highly trained staff can help ease the burden. Simply providing a 1 or 2 hour break through the day allows you the chance to catch up on the things you need to do whilst also providing a break from your day to day environment. This small input can sometimes make a lot of difference. We can also help in training and guidance in the care of people with dementia. This empowers you the carer with better knowledge of dementia care and again helps in easing the stress involved in caring for dementia sufferers. Please call our free phone number to discuss all your needs and concerns. Our highly trained teams of dementia care experts will be pleased to talk with you either over the telephone or if you prefer a face to face meeting. We really can make a difference.

" My husband appreciates the cheefulness and caring ways of his regular carer."

"Thank you all for your organisation and the efficient way it works" 

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